Meet Dr. Beau Sparks

Beau was raised just northeast of Portland in the small town of Brush Prairie, Washington. His academic career began by studying kinesiology at Washington State University-Pullman. His passion and hard work in the subject gave him the opportunity to design and lead the strength training protocols for division-1 athletes. The University‘s teachings on proper spinal mechanics is what intrigued his curiosity in the chiropractic profession. This inquisitiveness drove him to graduate from University of Western States in 2019 with a doctorate of chiropractic and masters of sports medicine.


Beau’s favorite hobbies revolve around fitness, as his career choice suggests. He has always been fascinated by physical challenge and the liberation that results from beating personal goals. Some of his preferred activities are weightlifting, hiking and playing sports such as basketball and football. Beau is engaged to his college sweetheart, Lexi, and is looking forward to marriage in 2020.


Having worked with a diverse range of musculoskeletal conditions, Dr. Sparks practices with the philosophy that every patient has an “athletic value” that can be built upon and utilized to create long-term results. This drives Beau to place a premium importance on core strength and its relation to spinal conditions. His main treatment focus utilizes diversified adjusting, spinal traction therapies, myofascial release techniques and core stabilization exercises to alleviate pain and restore proper joint mechanics. 


Doctor of Chiropractic - University of Western States (2019)

Master of Science (Sports Medicine) - University of Western States (2019)

Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) - Washington State University (2016)



Who we work with

Sparks Chiropractic is adept at handling a diverse set of circumstances. Whether you’re dealing with a motor vehicle accident (MVA), workers Compensation claim, personal injury or general inquiries on well-being; Dr. Sparks and his team will provide the best treatment and resources to ensure you’re given the highest standard of care.


Better Health Starts Here.

Sparks Chiropractic is independently contracted with Parkrose Chiropractic and Health Clinic. Our office location off of Sandy Blvd in Portland, Oregon (see address below). To Book an appointment, simply call 503-257-3377 and our wonderful office staff will assist you. If you are looking for more information about chiropractic care, please use the submission box below and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

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